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United Property And Casualty Insurance

May 19th, 2010

United Property And Casualty Insurance
Technical Analysis: Top 5 Companies in the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry

EGI Insurance Services, Inc. Selects iPartners’ Business Intelligence Solution
iPartners, the leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) business analytics solutions to the property & casualty (P&C) insurance industry, today announced that Atlanta based EGI Insurance Services, Inc. (EGI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of EGI Financial Holdings Inc., has selected iPartners’ Insurance Scorecard to help monitor the growth and expansion of its new U.S. operation …

Public Insurance Adjusters work for you and not the insurance company

Since the insurance holder, you have the right to the insurance company know the best kept secret. . . Public insurance regulated. We are the experts that you represent exclusively when a loss to your business or Residential real estate occurs. Insurance companies have their representative, you need someone whose loyalty is to you.
If United States Adjusters our public Adjusters working for you! Not the insurance company.
Why do you let the wolf guard the chicken coup? The insurance adjuster is and an employee will be trained by the insurance company. This could well be the last person in the world you want controlling your claim. To put it quite simply, his first Duty and responsibility to his employer – the insurance company he represents.
60 minutes TV interview
Many insurance companies train their adjusters in methods and strategies that keep the insurance company's own interests first. In a recent interview, Ina Delong, a former insurance company Adjuster, now turned to enter the consumer, "said the 60-minute news TV program:" The insurers do not want adjusters are trained, because if they really knew, what they did, the insurance claim (your statement) would be higher. "In 1991, John Garamendi, the insurance commissioner of California then characterized the Insurance industry stuck in the old days of the payment as little as possible.
"For most people as a public adjuster because they like the idea that someone working working on their behalf against someone on behalf of the company, "says PJ Crowley, vice president of the Insurance Information Institute.

Several Reasons why you need to contact United States Adjusters:
• Our Public Adjusters only collect if you collect and there are no charges or fees.
• Our Public Adjusters will receive on average 300-400 +% larger settlements then the insurance company initially offered. Examples of settlements on the page about us
• Free advice loss 24 hours a day
• Our Public Adjusters Handle all aspects of your claims.
• Prompt, personalized attention, no matter how small or large, the claims are.
• Our Public Adjusters to stay in touch with your insurance company and directs all Information to you as your claim progresses.
• settling insurance claims is often very stressful and time consuming to allow US-adjuster to help you with Your life
• Our Public Adjusters integrity and professionalism is second to none
10 Reasons TO CALL U.S.

1st All of our public Adjusters are experienced full-time professionals. We are very proud to maximize settlements and we try to never leave a stone unturned shout. We really feel that It is an honor entrusted to represent our clients.

2nd We have a remarkable history of obtaining top settlements for our clients. Almost without exception, will receive We significantly more money than the insurance company offer. Numerous cases have been rising as a result of 500%, and often greater than what the insurance offered. We have even exceeded a tenfold increase to more than a few occasions. We know how to recognize the errors and how to document your claim for maximum recovery. Read what some of our customers have said. (Our customers)

3rd We keep our customers fully informed and supply copies of all correspondence. We regularly and again our phone calls promptly. We truly believe in outstanding customer service. Our clients have the final say whether or not to accept our insurance company reject the offer. Yes, we give our opinions, but you have the last word.

4th We have a 99% customer satisfaction rate. We have been sued have never nor have we ever had a complaint filed against us.

5th We are active members of the Mid Atlantic Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, the Association of Property And Casualty Claims Professionals, the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, and the storms conference. We spend significant time and money to keep pace of all changes in the industry, including the legal and statutory. Public Adjusting is our profession. It is not a part-time hobby.

6th We have found current and solid relationships with engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, geologists and a host of other support personnel, as consultant and inventory specialists. We know how to best document on your right.

7th You never owe us anything until actually money from the insurance has received. We offer different ranges of services best fit the individual needs and desires of our customers.

8th We really make the odds too. We understand the ins and outs of the insurance industry. The insurance company has an adjuster that works for them, should you not know who you works?

9th We pride ourselves on professionalism and ethics, and offer the highest degree of integrity, this can be offered.

10th We will ensure fight, you get the settlement you deserve and go to do the distance.
Contact was United States Adjusters, Inc. today for any questions you may have in Regarding the above mentioned information.

Http: / / www.unitedstatesadjusters.com

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